Monday, July 28, 2008

Just kidding!

Now that my lst post is out of the way and never to be seen again, here's something slightly of note.
Since I work at Time Out NY mag, I sometimes am privy to junk that people send into the office unsolicited(handed over from the editors). THIS junk however is beer, and possibly not junk at all. What we have here are two bottles of "SAMPLE" beer from Samuel Adams, a brewery who likes to think of themselves as craft. We've got a Blackberry Witbier (capped with a regular Samuel Adams cap) and a Coffee Stout (with a blank gold cap). A few of these came by wrapped in bubble wrap and I got all giddy... until I tasted one. I'm regrettably not a fan of the lighter, highly effervescent and fruity witbier style... I just don't think it does the fruit any real justice. This version of the style may well be liked by some, but to me this one was a whole lot of fluff and no real flavor. Coffee stout yet to be tasted. Can't wait to hate it and be able to swear off Sam Adams for life as mass market titan who THINKS they remember what good used to taste like... but don't remember how to brew it! I will however let the beer speak for itself.

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