Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday 9/23 - Barleywine Brew Night

Here's the plan for tonight!

17.5 lbs american 2-row
2 lbs munich malt
2 lbs crystal malt 40L
1 lb pale wheat
.5 lbs dark wheat

2.5 oz Sorachi Ace 10.8% (75 mins)
1 oz centennial plugs 9.6% (30 mins)
1 oz centennial plugs 9.6% (15 mins)
1 oz UK fuggle pellets 4.5% (1 min)
1 oz UK fuggle pellets 4.5% (dry hop secondary)

1 tsp gypsum (40 mins)
1 tsp irish moss (40 mins)

7 gallons of mash liquor, 165º strike temp
mash at 150º-151º for 90 mins (1.217 lbs/qt ratio, 2.3 gallons absorbed by grain)
sparge with 2.8 gallons @ 172º to yield 7.5 gallons

75 min boil, wort chiller added at 60 mins
cool to 70º
pitch 2 packages of US-04 UK ale yeast

Friday, September 18, 2009

Beer in the bike lane

The conversation about mixing bikes and beer is never-ending, and I have personally felt the dark end in a nasty way. Nonetheless, I feel that you can be safe about it and allow them to peacefully co-exist. So then! Why not just build a bar inside a bike frame?